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Less Crime in the Philippines whenever Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao box in the ring

Photo: I Love Philippines!!! (Green Mango) 

Yes it's true, according to surveys,  media and police reports whenever there's a Pacman match to whoever Poncio Pilato of the world the Philippines is somehow at peace, less robberies, no killings, kidnapping and everything heinous . 

The Only problem is,  more and more people are checking in to some hospitals due to heart failures.


Kalesa Life in Intramuros Manila

Intramuros Manila

In front Manila Cathedral

Hari ng kalasada ng Intramuros, Metro Manila. we sited local tourists riding a kalesa in one of the major streets in Manila near Intramuros and they funly say HO! meaning stop and sih! means go! I love the way how ManileƱos taking care of their heritage and culture.

Colorful Kalesa's from green to yellow to pink catches the attention of every visitors. Not only that, Intamuros owns the scenery of the past, while touring around with the Kalesa and with the horse of course, you can see old edifices from a 4-room house to a number of old buildings built in 1800's.

Intramuros is not only offering good sites but also good food.