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The Most Beautiful Angel

She's the loveliest baby I've ever seen. I can't wait to welcome her in our real world.

"Ang cute, mana sa tatay at nanay" lol :))

She's no miracle, indeed She's the greatest gift given to us by our LORD.
Sharon and I ask for an angel and GOD is so GOOD to us... We're so blessed..
Again as a future real DAD, this is now the staring point of my life, to fix what is to be fixed, to strengthen what is to be strengthened.

Building a FAMILY is not as simple as counting like 1.2.3, for me it's a day-to-day construction process. Always plan for tomorrow.

LORD thank you for giving us an Instrument like EMILY, an instrument of love and a guide for a better us. The most wonderful and precious gift ever.

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Emily's Heartbeat

Our Baby Emily's Heartbeat (almost 8Mos now.)
the video said:

Everyone can be a father, but it takes a special someone to be a real Dad.

I'm so excited to see her...
I'm so excited to carry her...
I'm so excited to kiss her...
I'm so excited to feel her in my arms...
I'm so excited to touch her every single minute of my day...
I'm so excited to see her growing up together with mommy Shawie and Dad Meng...

As A future DAD I am so excited to see myself growing up together with my Shawie and Emily together forever..


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