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My Canon Camera Rocks

How Canon has made an impact in my life...

Canon delighting me always

Before, Everytime I see good photos taken from some good photographers it was like my heart is telling me  "Kaya Mo Rin Yan". Back in 2009 when I purely fell in love with photography, I thought it is only my  year of appreciating good photos and recognizing Photo lovers, 2009 is the year when I first explore the world of photography and my appetite for taking photos with a lot of stories have been a part of my life until now, tho I am not a pro but through Canon  I feel like I'm one and I belong.

Since then, Canon has always been one of my best friends, makes me feel like I'm special because of one thing "the name" when people ask me, "Anong Gamit Mo? I said CANON... bakit? and then they said, cool kaya pala.  

At the Manila Cathedral April 2009

Pinoy Kalyegraphers "Photo Kalye"  carrying their babies during the Pusong Pinoy and Photo Kalye Photo exhibit in Quezon City
One of my Gorgeous Photos taken February 2012
As for me, we don't need to be a good neither great photographer to have some good photos, we only need to have the heart and the right gadget for us to achieve the perfect image we want. I've tried different kinds of digital camera and only CANON explains me the meaning of satisfaction in colorful clickings.

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