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6th Spring Film Festival

Another exciting Film festival coming out this January 20-29, 2012 at Shangri-la Plaza mall, all movies are for FREE. This film fest will surely satisfies your taste for Asian movies.

Ocean Heaven is a family drama which features a father- Sam Wang (played by Jet Li), who is solely taking care of his autistic child- Dafu. Wang finds out that he has liver cancer and has a few days to live. Not only does Wang have to cope with his own suffering and impending death, he also has to deal with the heartache of leaving Dafu with no immediate family. This heartwarming film shows the challenges of being a single parent and how parents, even on their last days, would do anything just to ensure the safety and happiness of their children. 

Confucius, known as the “Great Sage”, lived during the time when China’s dynasties were in chaos and engulfed by corruption and greed. He strongly believed that ethics and education will put all things to order. His wisdom was sought by different dynasty leaders but only to be abandoned after he dutifully served his purpose. The world knows so much of his teachings, but little is known of his hardships. This biographical drama shows the sufferings and pain Confucius endured and the principles he fervently kept that became the foundation of China’s ethics, morality and law. Starring Chow Yun-Fat as Confucius, Nominated for Best Actor at the 30th Hong Kong Film Awards. Other nominations include Best Cinematography,Art Design,Costume Design and Original Song.


Italian Film Festival Moviemov

Italian Film Festival Moviemov: November 9-18, 2011 at Greenbelt, Ayala Center, Makati City.

MOVIEMOV is a traveling festival supported by the General Direction for Cinema of the Italian Ministry of Heritage and Culture, in collaboration with the Italian Embassies in Bangkok and Manila, and by a consortium of public institutions and private partners which effectively contribute towards implementing a program of films and events for the cultural promotion of new Italian cinema in Asia. Therefore, Asia becomes a great opportunity as well as a testing ground for this attempted expansion into new markets and search for useful synergies, in an attempt to compare contemporary Italian cinema with the history and work of great Italian maestros and film masters of the hosting countries. We have chosen the free entry to all screenings, workshops and review meetings in order to boost participation among school and university students. A dense and multi-voice dialogue that - as we hope - will become a perpetual cultural event for audiences of so ancient and sophisticated artistic traditions and able to meet the offer of a new generation of writers, actors and producers who bode well for the renewal of Italian cinema.

The Dreamers

Habemus Papam







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Eiga Sai at Shangri-La plaza

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Completing this year’s roster of exciting films to be featured are The Summit: Chronicle of Stones; The Chef of South Polar; One Million Yen Girl; Your Friend; Yunagi City, Sakura Country; Summer Days with Coo; Climber's High; Feel the Wind; and Villon's Wife.
All films will be shown with English subtitles. Admission is free. Screening venues are at the Shang Cineplex Cinema 4 (July 1 to 10), Gaisano Grand Citimall, Davao (July 22 to 24), Ayala Center Cinema 4, Cebu (August 2 to 7) and UP Film Institute (August 17 to 20). For detailed screening schedules and inquiries, please access the Japan Foundation, Manila website: or call the JFM telephone numbers (+632) 811-6155 to 58.