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The Cheerful Box for 2014 and beyond

Why The Cheerful Box?

Literally inside a box we can find a variety of school supplies, reading materials and a lot more, and that box can only be transported through the help of cheerful givers.

For me, as an individual WE don’t have to be financially well in order to help others, time and effort will do.  Since many are willing to step up and do their share but don’t know how to reach the kids in the mountain, so as a call for social responsibility I am willing to be a cheerful messenger. For 10 untiring  years doing the same thing I personally vouch myself and it’s proven that I’m capable to do so.

The Cheerful Box will  remain always open to those who are willing to share school supplies to the needy kids in the mountain. And rest assured that all turnovers will be well documented and accounted.
It is indeed more than personal, helping our needy kids must take great responsibility a responsibility like a father to all, taking care of their  needs, although not  hundred percent support but at least backup them  to help eradicate poverty, it is like giving them the extra tool to go extra mile to their path of education.
“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”
-Chinese Proverb

For your donations and some concerns you may email me at or leave a comment bellow for notification.
or you may  see me at this following addresses:
Mountain Area: Romel Delmo Bucoy /  Sapamoro – Curuan Road, Latuan, Zamboanga City, 7000 / Mobile: +639278176947
City:  Romel Delmo Bucoy /  #953B G. Resureccion Drive, Zone 1, Tumaga Zamboanga city, 7000
Mobile: +639278176947
Log on to for more info.