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“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous


Caliraya Weekend Resort Home

Take a journey that pays a priceless moment. Welcome to the Weekend Resort Home in Caliraya.

A two-hour drive away from Manila lies a very beautiful spot in Laguna, where serene beauty of nature and calmness intertwining everything and becomes music to your soul.

Consider it yours for a day or two or more, book here.

The lake is beside Mount Banahaw, known to locals as “holy mountain” and a place of pilgrimage. It is also one of the country’s highest peaks and a protected national park.

The Space (Excerpt from AirBnB)

Enjoy lakeside retreat situation in a private lagoon with 35m waterfront on Caliraya Lake, considered the country’s best for watersports.

Magnificent view of Mount Banahaw and “waterski alley” section of Caliraya Lake where Ferdinand Marcos was a regular water-skier.

Only 100kms from Metro Manila, it is a natural environment with clean air and cool elevated climate. Total lot area is 6700sqm with look-out section overseeing the lake.

Guest Access
Enjoy natural and healthy activities such as swimming, boating, fishing, badminton, volleyball, camping and sight-seeing. There are 50-60 coconut trees, enjoy lots of buko juice.

Interaction with Guests

A caretaker family is permanently on-site to assist guests. They will do as much for you (or as little) as you wish.

The Neighborhood

The resort home faces onto a section of the lake known as “water-ski alley,” considered the best area of the lake for water-sports such as kite-surfing, windsurfing and, of course, water-skiing. Ferdinand Marcos obtained his world-renowned water-skiing skills in this location as he and his many friends and guests were frequent visitors. (The lot is the largest of 6 originally designated by former President Marcos for his most senior military generals. The property’s original owner was General Sarmiento.)

Getting Around

A nice boat man is available to escort you and your guests to and from your parking area. He is also gives great tours of the lake.

Other Things to Note

The resort home features a full kitchen, 2 toilets and baths, open dining room and sleeping area for 10 people (2 king-size beds, 1 queen-size bed and 1 pull-out).

The lot has 35 m lakefront coverage situated in a private lagoon. It is a natural environment that features 50-60 coconut trees plus mahogany, narra and other varieties. It is terraced into 3 main zones. The lakefront has 2 open grassy areas for lakeside activities such as swimming, boating and fishing, as well as badminton and volleyball. The middle zone is designed as a camping area and able to handle a generous group of tents with an open-air fireplace. The uppermost zone of the lot features a magnificent view of a large section of the lake.

Caliraya Lake is located 100km south of Manila near Pagsanjan. It is a freshwater mountain lake situated 300m above sea level with a comfortable year-round temperature. The lake gained a reputation as playground of the rich-and-famous during Marcos’ time as the leader and his many guests and friends were frequent visitors. Today, most property owners are various high-profile business people, foreign expatriates, prominent celebrities, retired diplomats and the like.

The lake is beside Mount Banahaw, known to locals as “holy mountain” and a place of pilgrimage. It is also one of the country’s highest peaks and a protected national park.

How to get there

South on SLEX – Take the Calamba exit (about 45km from Manila) and go east towards Los Banos. Continue all the way to Pagsanjan. The road hits a T-intersection at Pagsanjan Church and turn left going toward Barangay Bagong Silang. When you see the sign to Caliraya Lake turn right and follow a winding road upward and travel about 10 kms to see the lake. Look for a resort called Lagos Del Sol on your left and enter to park your vehicle. The entire trip is about 100 kms from Makati.


Choosing the right one stop shop website this summer is the key to a happy and relaxing vacation

Spell Happiness

This is how your face be  when your boss approved your vacation in the middle of a toxic schedule, especially when that vacay is the one that you are waiting for and dreaming of.

Well, I must admit that my face would turn more than that of  my cat's (his Name is Grey) face and could probably roar like a tiger the most aggressive way, dance like a duck and sing like a sheep. Hmmm funny Isn't it? Whatever, "funny na kung fani" but that's how I would feel if I have received such privilege.

By the way that strange actions and emotions are just natural for me and so normal to people who loves nature and adventure. Atin-atin lang to, last week I almost dance like a duck and sing like a sheep but the roaring thing I asked my Grey to do it for me. My boss signed a black and white paper that allows me to have a relaxing vacation whenever and wherever I want, but just within  the office budget.

Online Place Hunting

Right after the good news, I obliged myself to do the online research and check my travel links momentarily to see what's IN and easy to reach place to people coming from Manila until I came across with this website a website that captured "my attention like a tiger" the site said ZOOMANITY GROUP The Happiest places, then my imaginary bulb lights up once again with magestic fireworks sparkling all over my world and my brain woke up excitingly pushing my right hands commanding the computer mouse to click all the tabs, images and links and save all posible contacts even a single dot and space of it just to secure that I am getting the right One-stop-Shop web that can obey my thirst of adventure and relaxation all in one.

The website directs you to the Zoo, adventure park, Inn or recreation house should I say like the  Residence Inn in Tagaytay,


What could be more exciting than facing  real aggressive tigers, facing them literally just inches away from your beautiful face?

Or this?  Try to talk to the lions like meoew meoow or woar waorrrr  lets see if  they will find it happy or yummy ... hahaha

All these blood hyping activities can experience at Zoobic Safari.

Oh!one thing more, they have this  place situated at the Clark Freeport zone called ZOOCOBIA where you can enjoy the GO KART racing and feel like you're in Singapore or in Thailand

Light Adventure and Superb Relaxation

Feel like a farmer or even be a farmer at PARADIZOO located in Mendez, Cavite, an hour and a half away from Manila. Paradizoo is an oasis of  FRESH; fresh flowers, veggies, fruits including fresh horses and sheeps haha, kidding aside Paradizoo is a place where you can enjoy life away from the busy city.

The Climax of Vacation

This will do at Residence Inn Tagaytay. A  glass of red wine or a palatable food while enjoying the shadow of a picturesque view at night, or just simply enjoy your bed and feel the good life and wait for the beautiful good morning after a good night.

This is not about DREAMING, at the end of the day we all deserve a good and enjoyable vacation, we just have to look for someone that can handle our vacation well like the Zoomanity Group.


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Manila at Night


Due to my eagerness to learn some night shots using my handy digital camera (LUMIX), I was able to capture these images kinda "Perfect Light at Night" wohooo Manila.
Manila Cathedral
Metropolitan Theater, Manila

Binondo Riverside

Perfect: My first time touring around at night all by myself (backpacking) because I just want to obey my thirst for some good spots in the metro.   I've started my photo walk at 7pm  from Intramuros to Lawton and Quiapo, there are lots of beautiful spots to take a clicks but these are the places that caught my attention inevitably. A place that looks like in Singapore, Italy or in some European cities. Amazing right? 

Truly it's more fun in manila traveling at night.


Nuvali's Man-Made Lake

A beautiful man-made lake located at the  business district of Nuvali in Laguna. 

Fish feeding

 Feel the morning breeze  

Aside from shopping, dining and doing some business activities in Nuvali, I am sure that you'll love this place very much. My morning walking experience here going to the "BULL RUN Dream Marathon" was awesome, I saw people lively biking,  jogging and a lot more outdoor activities. 

NUVALI is located in the cities of Sta. Rosa, Calamba and the Municipality of Cabuyao in Laguna. Can be accessed through several exits along the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX).
  • Greenfield City/Unilab/Mamplasan (secured access)
  • Sta. Rosa
  • Eton City-Greenfield
  • Silangan
  • Calamba


Mt. Pinatubo with the Happy Team

This is my first ever adventure with the happy team, The TEAM INJURY,   A 4x4 ride for more  than 18 kilometres and trekking going to the crater that takes you for about one and a half hour or two, same way going back to the city was amazing. 

It was indeed another one of the best journeys I've had, the great memories together with new found friends is priceless. I am looking forward for more adventures with them. Gracias! 

With our new Found French Friend Veronique  and the local tour guides.

Click HERE to view more  photos


It's More Fun In The Philippines

My thoughts on this

YES of course it is more fun to be here! We just have to believe that it is. Bunch of negative comments from the public on this campaign from questions of originality to colors and standing, but for me, why give a damn negative vibes? why don't we just help our country by making it into a real "reality".

Let's not focus on the LOGO or campaign, let's focus on the "WORDS" itself. It's more fun because our country has a lot to offer,  showcasing unique / authentic beauty of its land.  This is now our time as individual to move forward with action and with fun to show to the world that it is indeed more Fun to visit our country. And to make it more attractive, this begins to ourselves.

Look at this photo below, this is not in Rome or elsewhere, this is just located in the beautiful town of TAAL a two and a half hour drive away from the metro.


No matter what kind of logo/campaign we have, no matter  if it's WOW or KAY GANDA,  if we don't support this,  it wont work for a better Philippines.


The Best Of Taal

THE BEST OF TAAL not just the volcano and the lake.

Taal Heritage Town, a surprising town in the province of Batangas, a lot of us associated the word Taal to its famous Taal Volcano and the Taal lake without even knowing that there are lots and lots of scenic - historic and natural beauties in here, from century old houses, shrines and churches to a calmly beach resorts facing south.

Taal is a Spanish colonial town in the late 16th to 20th century and it also holds one of the prestigious places in the Philippines history.

Basilica ng Taal

Inside the Basilica

First time visitors: Lhai, Dang and Jenny of Pusong Pinoy

Here are some historical places in case you will visit Taal soon

Bagumbayan Church, Balisong Church, Casa Real , Dela Rosa – Ilagan Residence , Don Leon Apacible Museum, Dona Marcela Agoncillo Museum, Escuela Pia, Gen. Ananias Diokno House
Gregorio Agoncillo Mansion, Our Lady Of Caysasay Shrine, San Lorenzo Ruiz Steps, St. Martin de Tours Basilica, Villavicencio Residences and Well of Sta. Lucia.

To give you more meaning what is LIFE, every time you talk to yourself, take a deep breath during sun setting at its nice and clean beach fronts.
Taal Beach front

Thanks to Mr. Ohmel Suarez for the Taal tour.

For guides about Taal Town click HERE


Ang aming paglalakbay, kasama ang mga ka-Pusong pinoy

PUSONG PINOY's ALAY MULA SA PUSO PROJECT 6am umalis kami ng manila (story cut) dumating kami ng calapan pier 12:30pm. tapos sinundo kami ng isang multicab na kasama si ms Jenny Baylon ang teacher na cotact namin at ng isang brgy captain doon almost 1hr ride to the camp of 4rth imfantry brigade ng nauhan mindoro. Sumakay kami sa army trak 2hrs hanggang sa barangay makangas sitio nakalimutan ko na sa pagod hahahah.. nakarating kami sa ilog akala ko maiiwan si kitty kasi may tubig yun pala may boat yay sinundo pala kami ng isang brgy captain dun at ang mga nanay na Mangyans.

Sa daan palang kami binigyan na kami ng mga regalo galing sa puso nila.. isang malaking carpa, bracelet, at may pahabol pa na precious rosary (hayyy ganun ka warm ang welcome nila sa PP) sumakay kami ng bangka patawid ng ilog, tapos naglakad kami ng 30 minutes papunta sa community ng mga mangyans. on the way to target area.. may nadaanan na naman kaming bahay doon at biniggyan na naman kami ng bracelet stage by stage hahahah...umakyat kami ng daan na kung mag bow ka ay tatama na sa ulo mo yung lupa ganun ka taas yung inakyatan namin at muntikan na akong maubusan ng hininga hahah naiwan sa paa yung hangin.. at thank you biri big sa isang bata na lumapit at nagbigay ng isang pamaypay na gawa sa niyog.. pinainom din pala kami ni adiket ng buko juice na galing din sa niyog hahah.. at ito pa pala sinabit na naman kami ng kung ano ano sa leeg ay naku feeling namin ni adiket ma king na kami ng magyans may mga fruits pa.. fresh Uloy, fresh mango, fresh gabi, fresh avocado, fresh calamsi, fresh talong, fresh bayabas.. basta andaming fresh.. kami na lang ni adi ang tuyot pero basa sa pawis lahat ng pagot sakit ng katawan and etc...

Isa lang ang bayad nun na pagka sarap sarap..THANK YOU PO...THANK YOU PUSONG PINOY.MARAMING MARAMING SALAMAT PO. (smile) hindi pa natatapos dun isang oras byahe na naman papuntang ALS center for another turnover. haruuu jusku yung mga out of school youth naman naghintay from 1pm to 6:15 pm sabik sa mga regalo ng pusong pinoy.. FYI. out of school youth pero nagaaral pa rin in an alternative way na tinuturuan ni ms Jenny Baylon.natapos ang turnover ng 7pm. kasa kasama namin ang isang driver na army at shempre pati ang isang trak hahahha..

Hanggang sa muling paglalakbay.