ICE CREAM. Ice cream kayo Diyan!

Golden Gate Banana Split
Wow "Sosi", but you can have for P250.oo

The Scientist's Ice cream
Frinozen na gamit ang hydrogen something hmmmm. cozy but sarap

Fried Ice Cream
prinito siguro That's why they called it Fried Ice cream :))

Dirty Ice Cream ni Mang Kulas at Salvador!
Ito ang the best! P 5.00 lang so yummy and fresh Pa! :))



It's time to wear and be PROUD that you are a FILIPINO. Proud in the sense of you're not only wearing it but you also do "CONTRIBUTE" .. you share. Wear and share isn't it amazing?
For every purchase of Pusong Pinoy shirt, you can help us (PUSONG PINOY ORG) with our general and administrative costs, Please help support Pusong Pinoy by purchasing one today! Each shirt costs $15 (small, med, large, xlarge sizes available). Tank tops @ $18 plus s/h.

*For shipping information to Alaska, Hawaii, APO/FPO addresses, or outside the US, please email us at pusongpinoyorg@gmail.com

Pusong Pinoy:
A group of family and friends wanting to make a difference, one book at a time. Since its inception in 2009, Pusong Pinoy became a force of over 30,000 HEROES worldwide via Facebook trying to make a difference - one book, one meal, one piece of clothing at a time. Our mission is to provide assistance to organizations in the Philippines that have effective programs designed to help marginalized kids learn and appreciate reading by donating used books to their cause. It is our hope that this site would inspire others to open their hearts and help make a difference in these children's lives. Today, we begin by collecting books and donating food items but perhaps someday we can do more. Let this be our means to pay it forward and give back to our country we love so dearly. "Pagtanaw sa pinanggalingan upang makatulong sa kinabukasan" - yan ang Pusong Pinoy

PUSONG PINOY ORG is a registered non-profit organization in the State of California U.S.A.

3233 N. Grand Avenue, Suite N-521
Chino Hills, CA 91709


DUDA Doubts

When you have Doubts, you have to consider the words: WAIT, CLARIFY and CONFIRM.
Not just click and click and post, coz sometimes you'll hurt/affect someone's emotion. DUDA is a God's given Gift to all mankind (feeling). But sharing it in roughest way may sometimes cause danger.

Pambihirang duda na yan! sana gamitin man lang sa tamang paraan. And keep it yourself kasi duda nga.

Doubt: a status between belief and disbelief, involves uncertainty or distrust or lack of sureness of an alleged fact, an action, a motive, or adecision. Doubt brings into question some notion of a perceived "reality", and may involve delaying or rejecting relevant action out of concerns for mistakes or faults or appropriateness. Some definitions of doubt emphasize the state in which the mind remains suspended between two contradictory propositions and unable to assent to either of them

Doubt sometimes tends to call on reason. Doubt may encourage people to hesitate before acting, and/or to apply more rigorous methods. Doubt may have particular importance as leading towards disbelief or non-acceptance.


Child Abuse and Its effects

Children have that right to be loved. But there are those who suffer child abuse in the very sense of the word. Child abuse could either be physical, mental or sexual abuse to children. This might have certain adverse effects on the child so they must be given extra support and attention.

Physical abuse concerns maltreatments of children in a physical way. This means hurting the children physically, or not giving them proper nutrition. Emotional abuse or mental abuse, on the other hand, is about abuse in children which affects primarily their emotions. This includes saying hurtful words to children, as well as scolding them often that lower their self esteem. Sexual abuse, however, is abuse that concerns the sexual attributes of a child. This is one of the worst cases of child abuse.

Causes of Child Abuse

Like any other abuse, child abuse also has a cause. There are many causes of child abuse. The most prominent one among the causes is mental illness, as well as psychological problems. The tendency is that people who are not in their right minds, could easily do harm to children, whether intentional or not.

Also, family problems are major causes of child abuse. Parents under the power of drugs could easily hurt their children. Plus, financial problems could invoke parents or other members of the family to abuse children as an outlet of their emotions. Stress could also be a root cause of child abuse. It is good to know the cause of abuse on a certain child so that the treatment and the actions could be well defined.

Effects of Child Abuse in Children

Children who have experienced child abuse are likely to have some emotional and psychological problems whether they display them or not and in worse cases, a child might have suicidal tendencies because of this. The effects of child abuse on a child depends on how great the abuse is, the greater the abuse, the greater the effect on the overall state of the child.

Depression, stress and trauma are also some of the effects of child abuse in children. Abused children also exhibit conditions like difficulty in building up relationships in people, low self image, eating disorders, as well as physical disabilities. Child abuse could also lower the self worth of the child who experienced it.



I Can't imagine na may nagbabasa parin sa aking munting BLOG, In just one quarter my blog gained this high traffic shares, my blog spreads from country to country Search engine to another.

I remember last time GOOGLE sent me a coupon worth 1500 as payment for the high hits I had in this Blog wherein I can place an ad to any Google powered web .... wow! amazing isn't it? So meaning, as long as I have good thoughts to share, as long as it is informative and uplifting I should continue to share what's inside the box. It doesn't matter how you write it, who are your target audience but what matters most you share :) That's the power of world wide web.

Thank you so much visitors.