Beautiful Face of Diana

Part 1 of 3

Part 1
Bright lives behind the beautiful face of  Diana. 

DIANA STALDER face and body skin care center, started since 1996 "from the FILIPINO PEOPLE to  the FILIPINO PEOPLE" and for the World. A company runs by a true Filipina  the very own Ms. Dina Stalder merried to a Swiss man Mr. Stalder.

Diana Stalder is a bastion of real beauty inside and out, why? because of two important substances. Number 1 is the beauty of helping thousands of fellow Filipinos in fulfilling their dreams by giving them jobs and power to create a product that we must be proud of. Imagine beauty products from our country are exporting to   some  known countries in the world such as  United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Bangladesh, Korea and more. And behind every beauty item, we can see hard works and talents of a true Filipino.

Number 2, The beauty of giving affordable "high quality services and products" to everyone. The serious question is why affordable but high quality, is it true? The answer is YES! Why not? Diana Stalder operates their laboratory here in the Philippines and work forces are from here, they don't import things they export things.  So if you're a big time business man/woman are you going to sell your products at unreasonable prices wherein you didn't even outsource the whole process outside your house? of course not. Same thing goes to Diana Stalder.

Daiana Menezes: Official Endorser 

No wonder that Diana Stalder has easily come this far, from one branch to a numerous branches nationwide. Because they have the vision of  helping many lives and a mission to fulfill it.


The Freshness of No.1604

C.O. Bigelow Barber Hair & Body Wash Elixir Blue No. 1604

Last week, the daughter of my boss gave me Hair and Body wash as her birthday present to me, I was so thankful and surprised then. Never in my imagination that  I would try this kind of body wash, before I was just watching it at some cable channels  then now I can feel it literally.
It's refreshing actually compare to other body wash I have tried, the scent is perfect and so refreshing. It's rare here in the Philippines though.
I came across with its website and this particular size is kinda pricey but I believe it's worth it to buy. 


Elixir Blue blends watery marine notes, lavender and rosemary with hints of clean white musk and woody undertones. Our aromatic, rich-lathering hair and body wash is a 2-in-1 cleanser, making for a highly efficient shower regimen to effectively cleanse both the hair and the body. 


Sweet Holiday Treats

Make your holiday sweet and memorable. Treat yourself, treat your friends and treat your loved ones. Show them your sweetness through their senses of tastes. Soft buttery egg bread generously topped with grated Parmesan Cheese (Ensaimada) is perfect for mothers, or treat you girl/boy friend a box of Cheese Rolls, a cheddar cheese strips wrapped in a soft buttery egg dough and smothered with grated Parmesan Cheese oh what a life! Or an Apple Pie for Ate and Palmiers for Dad.

I tried some of the Gourmet Breadhouse products and one word I must say "PERFECT".  That's why FOOD MAGAZINE  featured them along with the best in food products in the November Issue, this magazine is the largest selling culinary magazine here and abroad.

Click the image to view larger size

THE GOURMET BREADHOUSE  products are perfect presents this holiday.
Call them at 5335491 or 7999822 for our holiday food items.


Impressca: Healthy Cloices, Healthy Pleasures

Serving good food while improving lives in greenest way. This is the IMPRESSCA Way.

IMPRESSCA’s purpose of existence is more than just serving healthy foods. They believe that health and environment are interconnected that’s why our business goes beyond profit. It is about respecting the world for future  generations.
Their vision is to  capture the essence of who we are. A food business with deep social purpose to provide health giving benefits that will contribute to individual’s overall well‐being. Food that is healthy and safe; that does not harm the environment; locally grown and seasonally available; that promote biodiversity of plants and animals. Food that is organically produced and processed in ways that support thriving economic communities… fresh, natural food that has traveled the shortest route from farm to plate.
Impressca addresses challenges that  Mother Earth is facing right now through: 

1. Adherence to R.A. 9003 – The Solid Waste Management System

2. Composting

3. Having our own organic herb garden

4. Use of local ingredients – (it cuts down on packaging thereby reduces waste

5. Water conservation ‐ in the form of proper washing procedures

for food and wares and the use of grey water in the commissary

6. Paper recycling ‐ use of newsprint paper in our office, paper trash for the next recycling process

7. Recreate – to “recycle” and to be “creative” – thru the use of reclaimed wood for our dining tables and chairs, countertops, racks and cabinets

8. Having energy management systems in place through energy conservation programs, the use of food service equipment that use less energy and help protect the environment (like those with energy star certification); preventive maintenance of equipment so they run efficiently generation, transport costs and pollution)
9. Use of paint that are non – hazardous and have low or no volatile organic compounds.

10. Use of responsible materials – table appointments that are compostable and recyclables like spoons and fork, boxes, napkins, placemats and recycled paper bags.

11. Promotions that boost individuals to participate in the ecological campaign thru the “GREEN CARD”

12. Serving fresh, organic and natural foods that produce less carbon footprint.

13. Continuous health education and eco‐education.
Sustainability is more than just being green or eco‐friendly for Impressca. They also mean ethical treatment of people and resources and providing assistance and support to those who need them.
 • A demand for locally grown food stimulates rural economies so farmers can earn a living. This allows them to feed their families and improve their quality of life.
Provides additional opportunities for communities in the form of developing other forms of livelihood, particularly for the wives of the farmers.
This added revenue stream can further help the rural communities not just in improving their lives but in investing in their farms so they can produce even better quality products. A good livelihood will also encourage future generations of farmers to preserve their communities.

IMPRESSCA’s Bests from Pasta Veggie Gourmet “The Power Meal”‐ recommended food for people with hypertension, diabetes, heart ailment and on‐diet to Five Herbs Marinara Pasta, Panini Tuna Pimiento to the healthiest juices and teas in the metro like the Bernadette's Juice and the 8 Power Herbs Tea and more.

You may visit  them at these following branches:
Mother Ignacia Place
139 Mother Ignacia Ave.
South Triangle, Quezon City

Cyberzone SM Araneta Center
Lower Ground Floor
Cubao, Quezon City

Food Plaza ‐ UP Faculty Medical Arts Bldg. ‐ PGH
UP Manila
TaS Ave., Manila

The Block
4th Floor SM City Noth EDSA
North EDSA, Quezon City

or you may visit them on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/IMPRESSCA


Un Recuerdo De Amistad

Recuerdo que todo hinde puede ulvida na entero vida, el recuerdo que ya conose a unu y otro na otro lugar, pero todos que ya sale na un ciudad, Na Ciudad de Zamboanga y serca Lugar. Kita todo que ta conversa zamboangeƱo, Bienvenidos aqui na Manila.

Man huntu huntu kita todo y conose a uno y otro mga bisinos y amigos / amigas de zmboanga que taki ahora na Manila.
Si taki ustedes na Manila man like ustedes el page “Un Recuerdo De Amistad” na facebook.