It's More Fun at the Manila Ocean Park

Fountain Show at the State of the Art Ocean Park in the Philippines

An enchanting night of lights and water featuring the lives down under.


The product of a combined modern art and technology perfect for family bonding and more.


AQUA in the CITY

What's so great about a heat wave? It's the perfect excuse to come up with a summer pool party!

 On April 28, dress up in your best summer fashion and have a fantastic time at Manila Ocean Park. We are bringing out all the elements to make AQUA – the coolest event by the bay area. Swim and groove the night away as the sun sets at 5pm onwards. See pumped-up performance from top local bands Silent Sanctuary, Tanya Markova, Moonstar 88 and more. Have some refreshing drinks at Liquid Pool Bar and Lounge and listen to the pulsating beats of house music and club DJ. Be part of the grand launch of Brand magazine - the newest hip publication in town.

Check out over 5,000 breathtaking marine life species at the Oceanarium and marvel as you see live penguins for the first time in Trails to Antarctica. Meet adorable South American sealions in the Sealion Show and be mesmerized with graceful dancing fairies of the sea in Jellies Exhibit. At nighttime, a fusion of laser lights, water screens and other special effects are the highlights of the spectacular AQUA Musical Fountain Show.

AQUA is an event you can't miss since this is the introduction of the latest technology to make Manila Ocean Park the first high-tech theme park in the country. The park has recently launched instant information download through mobile phone and other digital enhancements for guests' ease of access and convenience. Avail of an e-wrist tag that lets you access Facebook and Twitter in real time. You can post status updates and share to your friends while having fun in different attractions.

Ticket price is P300 inclusive of entrance to AQUA, 2 drinks and e-wrist tag and will be sold at Manila Ocean Park. For details, visit www.manilaoceanpark.com or call 567-7777 loc. 151 and 155.

AQUA is presented by Ensogo Philippines, Flawless, Brand Magazine, 105.1 Crossover, Hotel H2o, Liquid Pool & Lounge, Zenyu Eco Spa, Makan Makan Asian Food Village and Quix!

For regular update, you may visit and like  Manila Ocean Park (Official) on facebook


Evercool Radiator

Making the Switch
Let the joyride roll ever onward with Roberts AIPMC's world-class Evercool radiators
It doesn't matter what it is—an overheating engine, a radiator leak, a cracked tank, a damaged fan; the experience of your car breaking down on your way to work, to school, to your house, to wherever, is never a pleasant one. It's also likely to cost plenty of time and money, to be spent on emergency phone calls, towing services, repairs at the automotive center, replacement parts, and other incidental fees.
One way to avoid these costs—to prevent the problems from even occurring—is to let the experts take lead.
"A quick and cheap fix might temporarily remedy faulty machinery, but it provides no guarantee that the problem will go away," says Mike Gonzalez, General Manager of Roberts Automotive and Industrial Parts Manufacturing Corporation (RAIPMC). "Upon evidence of any car trouble, too many will act without a sense of urgency, too many will fall into thinking that band-aid solutions are going to address critical issues with the car."
By "quick and cheap fix", Gonzalez means the tendency of car owners to buy surplus auto parts, to patronize service shops that don't offer warranties, or, as a first option, to DIY: do it yourself. But cutting corners isn't a good idea—especially not in a country where the high-temperature climate and traffic conditions place a significant strain on a car's engine bay. Radiators, in particular—the part that cools a vehicle's internal combustion engine and stabilizes temperature within the entire system—are prone to deterioration and damage. Yet despite the knowledge that the radiator is a priority component, car owners continue to be lured by "cheap and used" instead of "brand new," by low cost estimates instead of bottomline value.
"It's important to realize that problems with a radiator can't be solved by having it repaired, or by a replacing it with a surplus or used radiator," notes Gonzalez. "It's much more practical to make the switch to a brand new radiator."
To galvanize car owners into action, RAIPMC is working continuously to supply “Evercool,” the company's acclaimed line of high-quality automotive radiators. Launched in 1993, Evercool has since expanded to include 350 models of radiators, for cars, trucks, buses, agricultural machinery, industrail equipment, even computers and power plants—each model built to deliver world-class performance, rock-solid durability, and value-driven practicality.
With an ISO 9001:2008-certified quality management system, JIS-compliant  (Japanese International Standard) materials, and a manufacturing process that subjects each Evercool radiator to a number of rigid quality and durability tests, RAIPMC is able to create radiator products that don't let customers down on the road. The reliability of Evercool, in fact, has already been recognized by its growing clientele of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), including Mitsubishi Motors Philippines, Isuzu Philippines, Columbian Motors, Pilipinas Hino, and Suzuki.
All Evercool radiators are certified 100 percent leak-free, with a life expectancy of around 100,000 kilometers and—with proper maintenance and care—5 or more years of usage. They are also equipped with more water tubes and cooling fins than that of other radiator brands, thus maximizing cooling efficiency even amidst tropical temperatures and extreme driving conditions.
"By the way it looks and the way it works," Gonzalez says, "Evercool represents a unique design breakthrough, carefully crafted in a way that helps prevent the car's engine—and the car owner's temper—from overheating."
RAIPMC's expertise is not limited to manufacturing. The company is also known for its signature brand of service excellence, something that surplus parts sellers, shady dealers, and less capable service shops can't claim to provide. Apart from a strong warranty that protects each Evercool radiator against defects, RAIPMC also offers complete radiator assembly, special fabrication, supply of core, and recoring services—delivered by well-trained professionals who work to meet the highest standards and lift the burden off your shoulders (and pockets).
As RAIPMC's product and service portfolio for Evercool continues to expand, car owners now have a much more valuable solution to car trouble than surplus shopping or a DIY fix. Let the experts take lead—and let the joyride roll ever onward—with Evercool.
For more information about RAIPMC, visit www.roberts.com.ph

Unique Finds at Tutuban Night Market

Even with similar bazaars sprouting all over the metropolis, the Tutuban Night Market is still the most visited and the one with the widest array of goods on display.
The Tutuban Night Market is conveniently positioned around the clustered malls of the Tutuban Center, which was formerly the Philippine National Railways station. A leisurely stroll around the restored heritage building gives you a glimpse of historical pride.
As the Tutuban Center closes for the day, shoppers need not worry.  Stalls selling your favourite things---and more---are ripe for the browsing. From clothes to decor, from toys to furniture, from food to novelty items, a collection of brightly-lit stalls are ready for the night shopper.
Like the famous markets in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Taipei and Kuala Lumpur, the Tutuban Night Market is dedicated to the discount hunter. Haggling and negotiating over prices is the standard practice, and goods all come at cheaper and reasonable rates.
But Tutuban Center has an added advantage. Because the Philippines is a melting pot of foreign influences, there are merchandise that are gathered at the night market from all over Asia and the world. You don’t need to travel to these places to shop. The items you want may just be at Tutuban!
 Fancy a set of delicate dishes? There are ceramic plates from China. Feel a little love of Siam? Wear shirts from Bangkok with interesting details. Want to feel like royalty?  Grab those bejeweled bangles from South Korea.
Or, are you imagining yourself like Kate Middleton? Get those charming straw hats with ribbons and bows and pretend that you’re at Ascot watching a celebrity horse race.
What’s more, because we have a wealth of artisans in the countryside, there are handicrafts, souvenirs and indigenous products that are uniquely and distinctly Pinoy.
Colourful lamp shades made of grass can enliven your home and garden. Wood and stone carvings can take pride of place in your bookshelf or side tables. Purses and wallets created from knits and crochets can be nice gifts.
After a thoroughly enjoyable turn around the stalls, there is Food Bazaar located at parking D that offers a wide variety of snacks quick snacks like burgers, takoyaki, pansit, batchoy, fish balls, squid balls, kikiam paired with sago’t gulaman, buko juice and sodas.
Over at the back and at the parking lot is the Food Street to satisfy your cravings for good, old comfort food. Take a sip of hot soup, a bite of pork barbecue or grilled squid. With extra rice, of course!
All these and more only at Tutuban Center Night Market!


Summerific Staycation at St. Agatha Resort


My great summer bonding experience with my family at St. Agatha Resort in Sta. Rita, Guiguinto, Bulacan 30 to 40 minutes away from Quezon City. The Hotel-Resort isn't that fancy but it offers  happiness to every individual who "stay and visit" the place. Hotel Rooms are huge that can accommodate 4 to 8 guests and their cottages  also houses 8 to 10 guests with cable TV and mini bar, sounds cool right? 

View from our Hotel Room

Enjoying our big room

at the 11 waves pool

Night swimming  

Dr. Juliet Bucoy

We managed to tour around before leaving the resort after brunch.

At the  hotel's activity centre
Another great summer experience together with the happy people at the good place.
To those who are planning for their summer outing like swimming or family / group bonding or if you're planning for your wedding and other special occasions  I highly recommend this place or simply consider it.