imollo is Now in The Philippines - The latest and most innovative in online communication

(from left to right): Luca Amenduni, Gianni Serrano, RaffaeleLafortezza, Andrea Venturelli, & Marcello Reina

Italian company imollo LTD. recently launched imollo – the latest and most innovative in online communication and information exchange technology, and it is now in the Philippines.

imollo is developed by a team of experts from specific technical skills, Raffaele Lafortezza, Marcello Reina and Luca Amenduni, as well as by experts in the field of business consulting, and corporate law, Gianni Serrano, Andrea Venturellie and Tommaso Arciuli. imollo is awarded by Unicredit and Confindustria under the event "Talent of Ideas."


Paradigm Shift: Consumers as Shoppers

Philippines—The growing number of Manila, competing increasing number of critical thinking shoppers, is of one and business owners face. According to an official of the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA), knowing one’s consumers is just the beginning. To weather these challenges, it is necessary to go beyond knowing and understanding how they behave as shoppers.
Michael Robinson

“If you are selling in a retail setting, you must be aware of the behavior of your consumers when they shop. Discerning why consumers buy, what influences them, what hurdles their purchase, where they buy, is vital information in successfully achieving your sales targets,” explains Donald Patrick Lim, Overall Chairperson of the Asian Marketing Conference.



Tatung's Garden Cafe

"Everyone can build a good restaurant but the best restaurant can only be built by a great Chef" 

One of the best and beautiful restaurants I've been in Quezon City is the Tatung's Garden Cafe and I want to visit the place again and again. When I say best, meaning it meets my expectations and my love for art and nature can be found there. 

A very nice three-year old restaurant at Sikatuna Village in Quezon City is making its name in the industry of best restaurant in the metro. Tatung's Garden Cafe offers good Filipino food with extra ordinary flavors, serving traditional delicacies in modern way. Pure Filipino flavors from the north all the way down to the south, from Pukipuki of Ilocos to Adobong Bisaya from visayas region and a lot more. 


Social Media Day 2012

Photo courtesy of  Project JDG

Manila, Philippines - 30 June 2012 - a special date for all social media enthusiasts in the Philippines, more than two hundred bloggers showed up at TEA 101 Thomas morato in Quezon City to celebrate this one of a kind get-together in the country. The successful event was made possible by of course  Tea 101 Taiwan's No. 1 DrinkFlawless Face & Body Clinic, Smart Communications, the genuine Thermos brandWild Ones Tattoo, and Dentiste Toothpaste. The social media day was also celebrated in different parts in the metro as well.