Zamboanga City no to Jalosjos

Inquirer News: Comelec rejects Jalosjos registration as voter in Zamboanga City



Express the good you with Votre Bon

Faith no more, introduce yourself.

Votre Bon, a French word meaning “your good”.
I’ve been looking for good quality t-shirts with unique designs and I always come up short. So instead of wearing our soles thin looking for one, why not create shirts with designs that are unique and would suit your personality? Then came the idea of creating quality, affordable shirts. Designs are printed using the silk screen printing process on cotton shirts. Votre Bon shirts are printed to fit your personality, attitude and comfort on your daily ventures.

Votre Bon also accepts printing if you have a design that you’d like to see on a shirt. Just send the image through a message on our Facebook page, and we’ll create it in a shirt for your approval.

T-shirts for corporate giveaways, Christmas gifts, or any other occasion, are also being created by Votre Bon.

Like and send Votre Bon a message on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/VotreBonShirtsPrints to know more, or you can either call or text us at this number: 0933-271-4133


Filipino Food Trip

Pinoy Flavor.. Pinoy Moment.

Boodle fight at Seafood Island  

My never ending passion for scrumptious  food and my memory of savory yesteryear will indulge and tease everyone's taste buds for sure. I am not a full-blooded food blogger but I have this heart of "KNOW HOW" to appreciate good food.  Because a lot of flavorful food can be found here in our country, we just have to explore, eat and love. 


Coming Home to Mandaue Foam

Your home, your imagination

LIfe is Beautiful with Mandaue Foam furniture and nothing beats even a high-end piece of your neighbor's rich house from these favorite finds of mine.