Nonito Donaire Jr the New Pacman. Of Course he is not, He is The "Filipino Flash" the man!

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December 16, 2012 (Philippines)- A lot of people said he is the next Pacman, hello... Manny is Manny and Nonito is Nonito. In terms of Popularity we all know that Manny is more popular than the Filipino Flash, well accept it we're in real world, Media is all around it's just a matter of PRs and PR. 

Pacman unfortunately didn't make it during the recent match with Marquez and just a few hours ago Nonito and his team has celebrated the victory over Jorge Arce. And the comparison begins...

I don't want to compare which is which, They're all great and pride of our country "The Philippines. Today, I'm taking off my hat and I'm sure not just me but a lot out there also  showing their support to all Filipino Boxers who I / we consider as the champions.  

Thank you Nonito Donaire Jr. another round Please..


MJM Production Inc will bring more fun in Sinulog 2013

More Fun to start the year for Cebuanos as Vice Ganda, Jose&wally, together with some hot-papable stars like Coco Martin, Aljur Abrenica and Papa Chen, with the jolly participation of Ate Gay, Ryan Bang, Mac and Lassy live at the Pacific Grand Ballroom, Waterfront Hotel in Lahug Cebu on January 17 Jose and Wally "Juan for All sa Sugbu 2013"  then on January 18, Vice Ganda "Unkabogable Live in Sinulog".

You may now buy tickets at SM Tickets (Cebu), TicketNet Cebu, Ayala Center Cebu Concierge and Waterfront Cebu Hotel & Casino Ticket Booth. 

Sinulog 2013
(by http://www.sinulog.ph)

January 5, 2013(Saturday) 
9:00 A.M
Elimination  Rounds of Sinulog Choral Competition, Cebu City Hall Bldg.
January 6-30, 2013
3rd Sinulog Softball Cup in cooperation with Cebu City Sports Commission
January 10, 2013 (Thursday)
Opening Salvo: Walk with Jesus 
4:00 A.M
Assembly Time (Area) Fuente Osmeña
4:30 A.M
Start of Walk-Fuente Osmeña Blvd., Basilica del Sto. Niño
5:30 AM
Installation of Hermano & Hermana Mayores 2013
January 11-21, 2013
Sinulog Fiesta (OTOP FAIR) SM Cebu Atrium
January 11, 2013 (Friday)
Sinulog 2013 Kick Off
10:00 AM
Launching for Balik Cebu Booth @ Ayala Activity Center
2:30 PM
Solemn Mass (Basilica del Sto. Niño)
3:00 PM 
Launching Parade (Basilica del Sto. Niño to Cebu City Sports Center)
7:00 PM
Opening and Launching Program, Fuente Osmeña 
8:00 PM
Sinulog Idol (Fuente Osmeña Circle)
9:00 PM
Street Party Bands
January 12-13, 2013
3rd Sinulog Football Cup in cooperation with Cebu Football Assn.
January 12, 2013 (Saturday) 
Sinulog sa Kabataan - Lalawigan
1:00 PM 
Parade of Participants, Capitol Site to Cebu City Sports Center 
2:00 PM 
Sinulog sa Kabataan sa Lalawigan, Cebu City Sports Center 
6:30 PM
Cultural Show by the Dept. Of Education RO VII(Fuente Osmeña)
8:00 PM
Sinulog Idol (Fuente Osmeña Circle)
9:00 PM
Concert @ the Fuente Osmeña , Street Party Bands
January 13, 2013 (Sunday)
Sinulog sa Kabataan- Dakbayan 
4:00 AM
Cebu City 2013 Marathon – www.cebumarathon.com
1:00 PM
Parade of Participants, Plaza Independencia to Cebu City Sports Center
2:00 PM
Sinulog sa Kabataan sa Dakbayan, Cebu City Sports Center
6:30 PM
Cultural Show (Fuente Osmeña) by University of San Carlos
7:00 PM
Ms. Cebu 2013 Presentation @ Ayala Acitivity Center
8:00 PM
Sinulog Idol (Fuente Osmeña Circle)
9:00 PM
Concert @ the Fuente O, Street Party Bands
January 14, 2013 (Monday) 
8:00 AM
Balik Cebu Airport Welcome
6:30 PM
Cultural Show (Fuente Osmeña) University of Cebu & University of the Visayas
8:00 PM
Sinulog Idol (Fuente Osmeña Circle) 
9:00 PM
Concert @ the Fuente O , Street Party Bands
January 15, 2013 (Tuesday)
6:30 PM Cultural show (Fuente Osmeña) Southwestern University, 

University of San Jose - Recoletos, Cebu Technological University, 

University of Southern Philippines Foundation
8:00 PM Sinulog Idol (Fuente Osmeña Circle)
9:00 PM Concert @ the Fuente O , Street Party Bands
January 16, 2013 (Wednesday)
9:00 AM Airport Welcome (Balikbayan Flights)
6:30 PM Cultural Shows (Fuente Osmeña) Department of Education, 

Cebu City Division
7:00 PM Ms. Cebu 2013 Coronation Night, Waterfront Lahug Hotel
8:00 PM Sinulog Idol (Fuente Osmeña Circle)
9:00 PM Concert @ the Fuente O , Street Party Bands
January 17, 2013 (Thursday)
6:00 AM  Ronda Pilipinas
5:00 PM Balik Cebu Airport Welcome 
6:30 PM Cultural Shows (Fuente Osmeña) Salazar College of Science 

Institute of Technology, Asian College of Technology, Cebu 

Institute of Technology University, Saint Paul College Foundation, Inc.

Sinulog Festival Queen Runway Competition and Photoshoot@ SM City Cebu
6:00 PM Balik Cebu, Welcome Party @ Ayala Center Cebu
8:00 PM Sinulog Idol Grand Finals(Fuente Osmeña Circle)
8:00 PM Handumanan @ Ayala Terraces
9:00 PM Concert @ the Fuente Osmeña , Street Party Bands
January 18, 2013 (Friday) Visual Merchandising Contest(Dept. Stores and Malls)
6:00 AM Ronda Pilipinas
4:00 AM Walk with Mary (Area) Fuente Osmeña-Sto. Niño
9:00 AM Solidarity Meeting (All Competing Contingent /Floats / Higante / Puppteers) 

@ Cebu City Sports Center Gym
7:30 PM Sinulog Festival Queen 2013, Cebu City Sports Center
8:00 PM Cebu Popular Music Festival, Cebu Coliseum
January 19, 2013 (Saturday)
6:00 AM Fluvial Procession of the Miraculous Image of Sto. Niño
9:00 AM Re-enactment of the Baptism of Queen Juana and Rajah Humabon Basilica del Sto.Niño

9th "THE STREET VIBRATION & BIG BIKE RALLY 2013, by V-max owners Group Inc., Cebu Chapter
2:00 PM Solemn Procession of the Miraculous Image of Sto. Niño
7:00 PM Sinulog Fireworks Competition @ SM City Cebu
7:00 PM Street party @ Fuente Osmeña and Plaza Independencia
8:00 PM Kasadya Nite Mardi Gras @ Ayala Center Cebu


Less Crime in the Philippines whenever Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao box in the ring

Photo: I Love Philippines!!! (Green Mango) 

Yes it's true, according to surveys,  media and police reports whenever there's a Pacman match to whoever Poncio Pilato of the world the Philippines is somehow at peace, less robberies, no killings, kidnapping and everything heinous . 

The Only problem is,  more and more people are checking in to some hospitals due to heart failures.


The Strangers

From the maker of Dalaw and Segunda Mano, here's another movie that will surely force you to scream every transition of the clip "The Strangers" Starring Julia Montes, Enrique Gil, Enchong Dee, JM De Guzman,  Cherry Pie Picache and a lot more. The Strangers is an official entry for Metro Manila Film Fest 2012


My Canon Camera Rocks

How Canon has made an impact in my life...

Canon delighting me always

Before, Everytime I see good photos taken from some good photographers it was like my heart is telling me  "Kaya Mo Rin Yan". Back in 2009 when I purely fell in love with photography, I thought it is only my  year of appreciating good photos and recognizing Photo lovers, 2009 is the year when I first explore the world of photography and my appetite for taking photos with a lot of stories have been a part of my life until now, tho I am not a pro but through Canon  I feel like I'm one and I belong.

Since then, Canon has always been one of my best friends, makes me feel like I'm special because of one thing "the name" when people ask me, "Anong Gamit Mo? I said CANON... bakit? and then they said, cool kaya pala.  

At the Manila Cathedral April 2009

Pinoy Kalyegraphers "Photo Kalye"  carrying their babies during the Pusong Pinoy and Photo Kalye Photo exhibit in Quezon City
One of my Gorgeous Photos taken February 2012
As for me, we don't need to be a good neither great photographer to have some good photos, we only need to have the heart and the right gadget for us to achieve the perfect image we want. I've tried different kinds of digital camera and only CANON explains me the meaning of satisfaction in colorful clickings.

You can also visit my photoblog by clicking  here