Buensueños Vintage design centerpiece

Flameless tea light in exotic tribal design accentuated with Crab's eye and sprinkled with job's tears. Vintage design centerpiece (Limited Edition) for only PhP 2,000.00

For orders and other concern
You may contact Buensuenos at  (062) 983 0158 

or check them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/buensuenos


Zamboanga's native beads and wild seeds are all in one up-cycled product

Here in the Philippines some of our natural resources are becoming extinct nowadays, such as plants that produces beads  and other decorative products.

Job's Tears and Abricus Precatorius (Eye Jequerity) are slowly fading in the wild. So as  a call for reviving these indengenous plants Buensueños came up with an idea that can reproduce or replant Job's tears and Eye Jequerity  by encouraging people to plant more because these plants  will help them generate income in the near future.

Buensueños is producing up-cycled products and natural/raw materials that is mainly sustainable in Zamboanga City. Buensueños aims to promote the thrust of the government in recycling and upcycling materials and at the same time giving continuous livelihood projects in the mountain and in the urban areas in the City.

Some of Buensueños products are:
Tealight (made of spoon with Wild pine cones, Salawak seeds, Job’s Tears and Eye Jequerity), Lampshade made of bamboo, Basket made Coconut stick, Bread basket made stalks of Umbrella plant , hand aplique products and a lot more.

For more of Buensueños you may  visit them on facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/buensuenos


Stars in Action at the Star Magic Basketball Tournament Sinulog 2014

If you guys missed this event happened at the Cebu Coliseum last January 18, 2014, here are some of the intense action photos happened inside the court.

This event is presented by MJM Production Inc, KFC, Coca Cola, Oishi, Lily's and Belo Medical Group

Photos: F22 Events Coverage ( Lem Co and Trya Dez)


Daniel Padilla Rocks Sinulog 2014 at Waterfront Cebu

January 16 - Daniel and his group indeed rocks the place, they were able to tickle the teenage girls and boys, young ones and young at heart during the concert at Waterfront.

The event was made possible by MJM Production Inc, KFC, Coca Cola, Lily's and Oishi.

Photos courtesy of F22 Events Coverage


Wedding proposal gone completely wrong

 It has been on the net for half a year now and it went viral. Lovers nowadays especially men always find ways to have a very unique wedding proposal whether on a plane, theme park, pool, mall or even inside the train just to make their girlfriends feel how special they are and to let the world know how deep sincere they are towards their girl. But not for this guy, It is definitely not his time or sad to say not meant for him, wrong timing man, better luck next time or look for someone and be sure. 
What will you do if this scenario will happen to you?  


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